Testimonial 1
15th October 2015


“After a few years of gaining weight, I had reached my all time weight record. For a few months, I tried to loose weight following advise from self-styled health experts and magazines. Nothing worked though, and I felt like I was on a constant diet, not enjoying my life and food in Italy, given the lack of any positive results. So, finally, I called Elfi. She took time to thoroughly understand my life style and eating habits. Elfi helped me identify, which changes in my lifestyle and diet would create the most sustainable impact, while still allowing me to enjoy my Italian food with family and friends. I loved the fact that she really paid attention to what was, and is, important to me and took that into consideration. She helped me develop a sustainable and enjoyable plan, which delivered fabulous results in a very reasonable time frame. Elfi was always there for me and went to great lengths to find delicious recipes that worked and continue to work for me. What a joy to then go shopping in Milan, asking for my dream clothes size and feeling all healthy and sexy at the same time. And what is more, I did not need to give up my prosecco…Thank you, Elfi.”